Coral Branca

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Coral Branca

A ‘lager’ type beer, produced from the best malts and hops of cheque origin, fermented and matured at low temperatures. The specific conditions and the rigorous fabrication control give it particular/distinct characteristics such as a pale golden colour, a clean flavour, smooth and aromatic, a light body and a pleasant aroma of hop blossom. Its qualities (light, refreshing and pleasant) make it refreshingly ideal, quenching your thirst, enjoy drinking, making a great accompaniment for all sorts of dishes such as fish and shellfish, meat, poultry, pasta amongst others.


Product characteristics:

– Alcohol content: 5,1% vol

– Wort gravity 11º P

– Medium hopping rate


Ingredients: Water, (barley) malts, non-malted cereals (corn), hops.


Validity: bottled 18 months / barrels 1 month


Care Instructions: Keep away from aggressive odours and keep in a clean, fresh and dry environment. Protect from sunlight, Should be served cool.


Available Packaging:

– Reusable: 0,15 lts; 0,20 lts; 0,30 lts, 1lts, barrel 15 lts; 30 lts

– Non-returnable: 0,20 lts; 0,33 lts can and bottle; 6 pack 0,33 lts can and bottle


2 Monde Selection Grand Gold Medals

23 Monde Selection Gold Medals