Brisa Maracujá

Brisa Maracujá


Created in 1970, it was the first soft drink in the world based on pure passion fruit juice. Made from the juice of purple passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) and slightly carbonated treated water. Without colourings. Due to its properties, the fruit pulp remains at the bottom of the packaging. When shaken, the components mix resulting in a misty soft drink with a yellow golden colour, with an intense passion fruit aroma and flavour. Its qualities make it a refreshing drink, pleasant and great to quench your thirst. Excellent to mix with vodka a and gin.


Product characteristics:
– Range/Type: fruit juice based carbonated soft drink
– Flavour: Passion fruit
– Percentage of Juice: 9%


Water, sugar, passion fruit juice (9%), carbon dioxide, preservative – sodium benzoate
Antioxidant – ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
Acidulent – citric acid
Anti-foaming – E471
No colourings


Care Instructions:
Keep away from aggressive odours and keep in a clean, fresh and dry environment. Protect from sunlight. Shake before opening. Should be served cool.


Available Packaging:
– Reusable: 0,36cl
– Non-returnable 0,33 l (can); 0,50 l; 1 l; 1,5 l; 6 pack 0,50 l; 4 pack 1,5 l



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