Name of The Project | SuperPro I – Supervision of The Lager Beer Fermentation Process

Project code | M1420-01-0247-FEDER-000007

Main Objective

The main purpose of the SUPERPRO project is to optimize the beer production process from a pilot plant and a detailed analysis of the wort and beer in the various stages of production, in order to minimize process variability and to maximize the efficiency of the ensuring the sensorial characteristics of the final product and the quality expected by the consumer.

Region of Intervention | Madeira Island
Beneficiary Entities | ECM & UMa – Department of Chemistry

Date of Approval | 31-05-17
Start Date | 01-09-17
End Date | 31-08-2019
Total Eligible Cost | €883,990.35
Financial Support from the EU | 54.45%
Regional Public Financial Support | 9.61%

Activities and Expected results
Extensive study of the chemical composition of the product.
Monitoring the key parameters of the fermentation process.
Analysis of the variability of raw materials.
Identify and quantify key markers for monitoring the fermentation process.
Development of a tool for in-line process control depending on the intrinsic composition of the product – Calibration of an NIR system.
Study of the relationship between the parameters and fermentation variables with the chemical composition of the product, namely the VDK.
Formation curve and reduction of VDK during fermentation in the selected conditions.
Sensory analysis for the organoleptic characterization of the finished product.