Atlântida Still

Atlântida Still


Atlântida was created in 2005 with the aim of sharing with the world the purest water that exists in Madeira island.
As the rain falls on the Laurissilva forest, the water is slowly filtered through the layers of volcanic rock, concentrating the natural minerals and electrolytes that give Atlantis its unique and purified taste.
Until the water is stored in a natural artesian aquifer, deep below the Earth’s surface and protected from outside elements, it passes through Pico Ruivo (the archipelago’s highest peak). Once stored in the aquifer, natural pressure brings the water to the surface, where it is bottled completely natural, without any kind of treatment so that it reaches your table without chemicals or additives.


Product characteristics:
Range/Type: (still) drinking water


Chemical Composition:
– pH 6,80
– Dry residue (at 180ºC) 119 mg/l

Anions (mg/l):
– Chloride 46
– Bicarbonates 6,80
– Sulphates 1

Cations (mg/l):
– Calcium 22
– Potassium <0,10
– Magnesium <0,10
– Sodium 8,0


Composition as bulletin nº29312-16 of IST.


Care Instructions:
Protect from sunlight. Keep in a fresh and dry environment, free from odours.


Available Packaging:
– Reusable: 0,25 cl; 1,0 lt
– Non-returnable: 0,50 lt; 1,5 lt; 4 pack 1,5lt


5 Monde Selection Grand Gold Medals

2 Monde Selection Gold Medals