Brisa Laranja

Brisa Laranja


Relaunched with a new formula with a more natural orange taste. Brisa Laranja is a soft drink made from natural orange juice and lightly carbonated treated water. Its colour and appearance, its smooth and refreshing taste make it ideal for making enjoyable moments even more memorable. also excellent mixed with other drinks.


Product characteristics:
– Range/Type: fruit juice based carbonated soft drink
– Flavour: Orange
– Percentage of Juice: 1%


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidulants – citric acid and lemon juice
Orange juice (1%),
Natural aromatic stabilisers – E445 e E414
Colourings – beta-carotene and E160e natural aromatic substances and natural vegetable oils
Antioxidants – ascorbic acid (vitamin C) E307 e E320
Preservative – sodium benzoate


Care Instructions: Keep away from aggressive odours and keep in a clean, fresh and dry environment. Protect from sunlight. Shake before opening. Should be served cool.


Available Packaging:
– Reusable: 0,36cl
– Non-returnable: 0,50 l, 1l, 1,5 l; 6 pack 0,50 l; 4 pack 1,5 l


1 Monde Selection Grand Gold Medals
3 Monde Selection Gold Medals
1 Monde Selection Grand Silver Medal


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