Brisa Limonada

Brisa Limonada

Brisa Limonada combines the natural, reinvigorating, clean and fresh taste of lemon-lime. A highly carbonated soft drink, effervescent, clear, without caffeine, slightly acidic and with a strong lemon-lime flavour.
Brisa Limonada is a thirst quenching drink and is very enjoyable, especially served cold, in a tall glass, on a hot summers day.
Equally enjoyable mixed with beer (shandy), wine (sangria) and spirits such as vodka and gin.


Product characteristics:
– Range/Type: Soft drink, carbonated, from Vegetable extracts
– Flavour: Lemon-Lime


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidulant – citric acid
Natural Lemon essence
Flavour enhancer – sodium citrate
Antioxidant – ascorbic acid (vitamin C)


Care Instructions:
Keep away from aggressive odours and keep in a clean, fresh and dry environment. Protect from sunlight. Should be served cool.


Available Packaging:
– Reusable: 0,33cl; tank 20 l
– Non-returnable 0,50 l; 1 l; 1,5 l; 6 pack 0,50 l


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