Coral Tónica

Coral Tónica

A ‘stout’ type beer, produced from selected malts and hops, under special conditions that give it a typical aroma of roasted malt and a slightly brown and solid head. Very dark coloured with well-defined ruby tones, a characteristic coffee flavour from roasted malts and caramel, a pleasant hoppy bitterness, as well as a well defined fruity aroma. All of its components blend delicately to produce and smooth and reinvigorating beer.


Product characteristics:

– Alcohol content: 5,1% vol.

– Wort gravity 11,8º P


Ingredients: Water, (barley) malts, raw cereals (corn), hops, caramel E150C.


Validity: bottled 18 months / barrels 1 month


Care Instructions: Keep away from aggressive odours and keep in a clean, fresh and dry environment. Protect from sunlight.


Available Packaging:

– Reusable: 0,20 l; 0,30 l, 1l, barrels 15 l

– Non-returnable: 0,20 l; 0,33 l; 6 pack 0,33 l


6 Monde Selection Gold Medals
5 Monde Selection Silver Medals